Anemos Toothpaste With Mastic And Spearmint 75 ml

64,00 kr

Toothpaste with pure mastic oil and bio spearmint without fluoride

Whitening. Quality toothpaste with mastic & spearmint. We combined the therapeutic properties, the powerful antibacterial and antifungal activity of mastic and the properties of carefully chosen special ingredients.

Gentle to your teeth, gentle to your gums, vicious to microbes and bacteria. A dental paste with pure mastic oil and organically grown spearmint for a cool, fresh breath, tartar control and decay prevention.


Our toothpastes are:

Fluoride free,

SLS free,

Parabens free,

Without artificial sweeteners,

Without ethyl alcohol.


This special toothpaste whitens and fortifies the teeth, prevents decay, prevents tartar formulation, protects and strengthens the gums, kills the bacteria and microbes!


Ideal for smokers too!