Abloom Organic Night Cream 50 ml

Abloom Organic Night Cream 50 ml

640,00 kr

An extraordinary 100% organic night cream to feed the skin of all it needs during the night

  • helps reduce wrinkles and open pores while sleeping
  • provides a rich mix of vitamins A, B, C and E to enhance natural glow
  • repairs the skin overnight from external influences such as sun damage and pollution

Abloom ingredients are truly “alive” as they are never heated and always kept in a raw state. This makes sure that they are constantly active - giving maximum vitamins and minerals to your skin. As a result, it becomes full of natural, young and healthy glow.

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Suitable for all skin types
Gender neutral
Non-animal tested
Free of any synthetics or chemicals
100% active ingredients
Airless bottle packaging
Durable for 2 months
Key ingredients
Horsetail herb
Reduces small wrinkles and stops aging processes being a super-herb, one of the richest plant sources of silica known to mankind
Shea Butter
Deeply moisturises and smoothes to fully comfort the skin
Rose blossom
Beautifies complexion and rejuvenates
Echinacea root extract
Protects and repairs the skin from environmental pollutants
How to use

Distribute a small amount of cream evenly across the face and neck. Massage the cream firmly into the skin using circular motions. For an added night-time boost, combine with our Miracle Treatment Oil for intense hydration and skin nourishment. Due to our airless pump mechanism, you might have to pump 5-10 times before the first product comes out.