Abloom Organic Eye Make-Up Remover 50 ml

Abloom Organic Eye Make-Up Remover 50 ml

320,00 kr

Gentle and powerful 100% organic eye makeup remover for easier cleansing routine

  • effectively removes all eye makeup thanks to oily texture
  • leaves eye lashes and area around the eyes already moisturized so the eye cream is not necessary after
  • gives the right hydration and nourishes the skin and brittle lashes due to precious oils and plant extracts

Abloom ingredients are truly “alive” as they are never heated and always kept in a raw state. This makes sure that they are constantly active - giving maximum vitamins and minerals to your skin. As a result, it becomes full of natural, young and healthy glow.

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Suitable for all skin types
Non-animal tested
Free of any synthetics or chemicals
100% active ingredients
Airless bottle packaging
Durable for 3 months
Key ingredients
Almond Oil
Gently cleanses and nourishes the delicate area around the eyes and lashes
Rosemary extracts
Ensures additional hydration
French Lavender
Reduces the appearance of fine lines
How to use

Apply a small amount onto your fingertips and apply the eye make-up remover over your eyelid and lashes, then gently wipe away using a cotton pad or wet cloth. If you are wearing contact lenses, it is not necessary to remove them. Due to our airless pump mechanism, you might have to pump 5-10 times before the first product comes out.