Maple Wood Body Brush

150,00 kr

Give your skin a natural, beautiful glow with dry brushing. This nice brush from Meraki in maple wood is ideal for dry brushing. The brush has a comfortable grip and fine hairs that help remove dead skin cells from your skin. The brush has a nice cotton string, so that you can hang it up after use.

Why you should dry brush your skin:
- It stimulates your blood circulation
- It gives new energy
- It strengthens the immune system
- It reduces cellulites (by smoothing fat deposits)
- It helps to remove waste products from the body
- It removes dead skin cells

How to dry brush:
Always brush towards the heart. If you have sensitive skin, moisten the brush with a little water. Brush for approximately 4-5 minutes. Take a shower when you've finished brushing - preferably with cold water.