Abloom Organic Miracle Treatment Oil 75 ml

Abloom Organic Miracle Treatment Oil 75 ml

595,00 kr

A pure miracle in a bottle – 100% organic multi-purpose oil with divine smell and precious skin benefits

  • provides visible skin condition improvement and glowing look
  • carries a powerful soothing, anti-blemish and calming properties
  • has a lightweight texture that doesn’t clog the pores and gets absorbed easily without leaving skin shiny

Abloom ingredients are truly “alive” as they are never heated and always kept in a raw state. This makes sure that they are constantly active - giving maximum vitamins and minerals to your skin. As a result, it becomes full of natural, young and healthy glow.

Suitable for all skin types
Gender neutral
Non-animal tested
Free of any synthetics or chemicals
100% active ingredients
Airless bottle packaging
Durable for 2 months
Key ingredients
Jojoba oil
Moisturises the skin and improves elasticity
Rose Hip Seed Oil
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines by penetrating into deeper layers of skin and stimulating collagen production
Sea Buckthorn Pulp
Contains powerful nutrients, minerals and vitamins to fight free radical damage and ageing processes
White Sandalwood
Naturally clears and brightens skin complexion pollutants
Protects the skin from environmental stressors
How to use

Dispense a small amount of oil and combine with our Day or Night Cream. You can also mix the oil with any of our beautiful masks to provide added nourishment. When applying on the body, massage the oil into the skin after a bath or shower. It is also suitable to use as a hair mask for a dry scalp: massage the oil into the scalp and leave for 20 minutes. Wrap your hair into a warm, moist towel. Rinse afterwards with an organic shampoo. If you are pregnant, you can avoid stretchmarks by massaging the oil onto your belly twice a day.

Due to our airless pump mechanism, you might have to pump 5-10 times before the first product comes out.