How to fight acne with 3 simple and affordable botanical beauty products?

af Milda Gudziunaite på March 12, 2018

If you suffer from acne prone skin condition, you probably know that there might be many underlying causes of it. Some of them you cannot change (genetic tendency to skin diseases and hormonal changes) and some are hard to change (lifestyle and eating habits). The main thing that is under your control is daily skin care routine.

Make sure that your skin is only being treated with benefitial and skin-friendly cosmetic products. Seek for clean ingredients, no harsh synthetic and chemical additives, anti-inflammatory, purifying and calming properties.

 Below we introduce 3 simple and affordable botanical beauty products for overall acne skin care routine.

 1) Cleanse with Ghassoul clay 119 kr

Our organic sun-dreid Ghassoul is a spa quality mineral-rich clay from Atlas mountains in Morocco. It has been used for centuries  for body wash, hair rinse, Tuskish baths and, especially, to cure problematic skin.

Ghassoul clay is characterised by its special ability to absorb skin impurities. It draws out dirt, excess oil and pollution from deep within the pores. Contrary to alcohol-based and foaming cleansers, Ghassoul does not irritate the skin and its protective layer. It is super gentle and hypoallergenic cleanser suitable for daily face wash.

We highly recommend Ghassoul clay for combination, oily skin with enlarged pores and, especially, acne prone skin daily wash and mask treatments. To use Ghassoul clay for face cleansing, mix a pinch of clay powder in your palm with water to form a smooth and silky paste. Rub this paste onto your face in deep circular motions then rinse off with lukewarm water.

2) Hydrate with Wild lavender water 119 kr

Wild lavender water is a product of distilling fresh wild lavender, handpicked in Provence Alps.  It is marvellously pure and gentle botanical toner with a little amount of bioactive and aromatic substances of the plant. Wild lavender water hydrates and refreshes the skin, calms inflammations and helps to balance sebum production. Spray liberally after cleansing, before applying moisturiser,  or whenever you feel for a mild hydrating and calming mist.

3) Finish off with Emulsion for acne skin 210 kr

Our 100% natural emulsion for troubled skin with pimples, clogged pores and inflammation is based on pure bioactive botanical ingredients. Emulsion does not contain any waxes, binding materials, preservatives or mineral oils, that are known to clog the pores. It is formulated using only plant extracts that are most suitable for problematic skin.

Cold-pressed organic Tamanu oil has a powerful action for clearing up acne and treating acne scars. Together with Rosemary water, it soothes and calms redness caused by inflammation. This emulsion also moistens, tones and supplies skin with nutrients. To use, shake well first (the emulsion is two-phased), then apply several drops to the face.

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