Hand Care In Cold Weather

af Milda Gudziunaite på February 22, 2017

Winter cold and wind are frequent causes of hand dryness and cracked skin. Especially for those who goes around on bikes, where the hands are so exposed to cold wind!

Prevent the hand dryness by applying moisturiser daily, morning and evening, before going outside and after coming back. Carry a hand moisturiser with you to use whenever needed during the day.

Choose the hand lotion, cream or balm of purest quality ingredients to get a maximum effect and enjoyment.

Moisture your hands with 100 % natural hands cream. Get a fragrant LAVENDER, APRICOT or POPLAR cream that will help your hands stay soft and smooth, nourishes and protects hand skin from weather changes and damage.

All three creams contain organic coconut butter, olive oil, lavender and rose hydrolats that hydrates and perfectly softens the skin. Beeswax forms a protective layer on your hands and makes the effectiveness of the cream last longer.   

The essential oil composition gives every cream a delicate smell, and together with other components nourishes the skin.

LAVENDER, APRICOT and POPLAR creams are created for daily use, perfect for dry and irritated hands. Each cream comes in a handy little jar easy to carry around.

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