6 Natural Beauty Bloggers Worth Following On Instagram 2018

af Milda Gudziunaite på February 05, 2018

If you are looking for more information on natural beauty and organic skin care, try to add few clean beauty bloggers on your followers list. Along with information, there are plenty of beauty tips, product reviews and inspiring posts that could guide you to the green life your body craves.

We are introducing you to some of our favorite natural and organic beauty instagram bloggers that we think are worth following:


Eloise shares her story of switching to, as she calls, ethical lifestyle and overcoming allergies, anxiety and depression. Follow her blog for informative organic beauty products' reviews illustrated by minimal and peaceful imagery.

Natural beauty bloger @NATURELOISE



Run by healthy beauty enthusiast Andrea, this account is a space for you to fall in love with organic beauty at first sight. Next to organic brands’ features, expect some reflections on luxurious lifestyle and travel destinations, too.

Organic beauty blogger @ORGANICBEAUTYLOVER



Inga’s blog helps you to follow up on all the best conscious beauty brands. Check this account for in-depth focus on practical issues and cost-effectiveness.

Organic beauty blogger @ORGANICBEAUTYBLOGGER



This one is for the lovers of pastel colours. Set my Matilda, the account is a lovely fashionista style blog with loads of trendy pictures. It is not only gorgeous to look at, but is also filled with awesome thoughts about going organic on everything from makeup to clothes and even eco bean bags!

beauty blogger @ELEVENTHBEAUTY



A glorious holistic beauty and lifestyle blog by a mom of 5! Stay tuned to her Instagram for inspiration on healthy living, purest ingredients and soul nurturing purposes.

Beauty blogger @SARITACOHEN



Becca’s signature hashtag is #OrganicIsTheNewBlack. Well said! She strives to educate her audience about non-toxic ingredients and how to make informed decisions. Follow her blog for both: features about safer and healthier alternatives to popular beauty products as well as lovely quotes.


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